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Monday, December 04, 2006

Mysore Mallige Idli - the most soft idli's

Mysore sure is famous for lot of things. And "Mysore mallige rice" sure needs to be branded just like "basmati rice". This variety of rice is exclusively used for making, probably the worlds most soft idli's. These are the Mysore mallige idli's.

Take a look at one of the idli recipe's. The only major difference is that Mysore mallige akki or rice is used in place of ordinary rice. And urad dal is generally not added and puffed rice is used instead. This make the idli more light-which means it has less calories. You can eat as many of these soft and delicious idli's without worrying about your weight.

I am looking for some places in mysore where mysore mallige idli's are the best. I just am not able to put my finger on one particular place though.


smi said...

Hi, I know its old post though,recently i stopped by an andra restuarant while on the way to Devanhalli airport from banglore..I think they tasted and looked like the original mallige idlis...try out and lemme know

Anonymous said...

Yes on the way to Devanahalli airport Swathi is the place where to eat these lovely malihe idlis