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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Infosys Mysore-is mysore a dead end??

Infosys has built the biggest trainign center at mysore. The training center supposed to be built with an expenditure of more than 200 crores is having facilities that can be found only in five star hotels. The center is situated in the Hootagalli industrial area on the way to KRS (Krishna Raja Sagar). But some suspect that the decission to build the training center was driven by the poor infrastructure of the city which cannot support a full fledged development center. The city still is in the process of building a bigger operational airport. Although the Mysore Banglore 4lane highway construction is over. The 4lane roadway is a very effecient patch of work with vehicles going at high speeds. So it generally takes 3 hours to travel from one city to the other. The lack of railway lines connecting to other southern states directly from mysore is being considered as a reason for considering Mysore as a dead end. Only time will tell if the infrastructure in mysore is good enough. Many other software majors such as IBM, Wipro etc are thought to have bought to have got large tracts of land nearby as well. The infosys campus suerly is majestic and its dome's light can be seen from nearly 3kms away. More about the campus later in some other post may be.

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