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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mysore-Flowers, birds and weather

The weather in mysore is genrally very pleasent, not to much hot sun but bright days. Although it may get tricky when it starts raining, it is not very humid as it can become in places like Chennai(erstwhile Madras), Manglore, and other coastal towns. Check this picture in which a tiny little bird is perching on the branch. There are plenty of birds, especially in the large patches of trees that can be fund in the city as well as other extension areas. And a very intresting fact about mysore and its dassara is that every year during the procession it rains. although not torrentially..I do enjoy watching the procession-rain or shine.. Due to the Kaveri river that flows near by and the dam built across it, there is no shortage of water as such, and agricultural fields abound in the villages surrounding Mysore. The city even has got a few bird watching groups, notable among them is MAN (Mysore Amature Naturalists) mostly....

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