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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Mysore-the new face

The sleepy pensioners paradise is now being considered as the next IT Destination. Many new companies are mushrooming in the city.

In "Mysore Chronicles" we focus not only on this sudden economic change but also on the history, heritage and changing life of Mysoreans.As of todya google returns as many as 6,340,000 sites matching the query "Mysore". If this is any index of the growth of the city on the world map we will keep track of this as we move along.

However, everybody accepts that the emergence of demand for land in any city is a sure indicator of coming economic progress. Here we not only look at material benefits but also its effect on other factors as well


Ramesh said...

good one man.Hope you tell us more about this place.

PNK. GURU. said...

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