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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Kukkarahalli lake -Mysore

Mysore has a number of lakes, dating back to the times of the maharaja's. when the irrigation system was not very well developed,prior to the construction of the KRS dam across the kaveri river, these lakes provided the water needed by the people of the city. Later on the british built water pumping stations for some of these lakes. Kukkarahalli lake is one of the bigger lakes which has become popular recently due to efforts by the citizens forum of mysore. You can find details about the lake about the lake at

Efforts by the mysore university and other citizens has resulted in cleaning up of the sewage, which was polluting the lake. Now, fishing and boating have been intoduced here. Earlier to its popularisation ,MAN (Mysore Amateur Naturalists) used to organise bird watching expeditions around the lake. With the increased popularity the number of birds has decreased significantly. Some of the birds that could be seen are the Brahmini Kite, Morhon's, various ducks, even some pelicans could be found at the central island-peninsula.

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