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Mysooru Hudukuwa yantra

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mysore Search Engine-Mysooru Hudukuwa Yantra

Every great city needs its own search engine. So i am presnting to you the Mysore Search engine. Optimised to search for more mysore specific results every time. You can use the search bar above to search using Mysore search engine. If you want to have your site included in this search engine you can let me know. At present it is presenting many of the results similar to the main google search, however, as more refinements are made the engine becomes more mysore friendly.

The homepage of the Mysore search engine is

You can put the search engine box on your site by pasting the code in this blog with the search engine title. If the name is not included the engine will become non-operational after some time.And those of you who want to contribute can do so by contacting me either through this blog or by the Mysore search engine home page.


Dr. Shalini said...

Good to know, also we have found the following site informative and the first site in mysore on talking website. Keep it up mysore being in US we get all regular information. Keep it up Mysore / Mysooru
Dr. Shalini

Anonymous said...

Here is a Mysore page.

The page also has a Karnataka specific Google Search Engine. It focuses primarily on official Karnataka websites.

Sanjeev Hiremath said...

Good Efforts to bring MYSOOOOOOOORu info here
Mysore famous for Herbal Health care

TravelPaisa said...

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