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Friday, October 27, 2006

Terrorists in Mysore!!!

The very thought of terror attacks in mysore is frigthening.With a long list of soft targets it would have been vey vulnerable. However, this warning bell will suerly make it very difficult for terrorists to attack mysore.The arrests which were made late thursday night at around 2pm in vijaynagar near to the infosys campus shows the high degree of alertness of the police force. whatever the reason and justification for terrorism it will not be able to explain the killing of innocent people. With these arrests the terrorists have made their intentions very clear--they will attack anything that is not gaurded. Since they lack the courage or rather the numbers to attack a well gaurded location, which has become evident in the recent attacks on the parliament and other places they will try to attack maxium impact targets that are not well gaurded.The 2terrorists who where arrested in mysore have been identified by their pakistani passports. The terror group is known as "al-badr", and it seems to be its first attack attempt outside of kashmir.

So long then. Life moves on in mysore, people not gripped by terror as much they are in various other terror prone locations..??If at all terror can be localised.

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