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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mysore to become Mysooru

It has been officially declared that Mysore will revert to its pre-colonial name of Mysooru from November 1st. The decision comes along with decision to name banglore as banglooru and manglore as mangalooru. This is a phenomenon that has been happening in other states as well. Madras has become Chennai. Calcatta has become Kolkatta.The move to switch to pre-colonial names is supposed to foster love for native language. Though it is being criticised by many as a mere political move, the physchological effect may have a positive effect on the society. The British who ruled the country for nearly 200 years, changed the names of various cities to those that could be spelt by them easily. In the case Mysooru, it is easier for them pronounce My-sore. well it might have been an eye sore for them to see such a rich and prosperous country when compared to their tiny little island. The internet though will be slow in adapting to the change, we have to wait and see how other sreact to the change as well. will the popular evening daily Star of Mysore become Star of Mysooru.. we shall be tracking the growth of the word Mysooru on the internet as weel. as of today we have just 678 results for the same. and google suggests the more appropriate name of Mysore.More about the history behind the name in some other post.

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