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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mysore pak-the famous dessert of Mysore

So you have heard of the famous sweet called "Mysore pak". The sweet named after Mysore is available even in other cities due to its huge sucess. If you are planning to cook it you can follow the steps below
Bengal gram flour - 100gms
Keep all ingrdients ready.First time it is better to try out small quanities.
Place water and sugar in a thick bottom pan and keep a long laddle handy.Do it on low fire,stir this sugar and water until a thin(thread like consitency is formed)slowly add the fine flour ,stir well and go on adding the ghee.A strong appetizing aroma brings every body in-but don't get distracted,keep stirring until ,the ghee is seen on the sides of the pan,when it is still semi solid stop heating and pour into a greased plate which you should have kept ready before hand.Cut into square or triangular shapes.This is Mysore pak but if you didnot do it right it may look like Mysore map instead of pak.Goodluck-try to make it.
You would make your family memebers very happy if you can cook it at home. Though you can find it most of the sweet stalls. However, I would recommend you to buy from Krishna sweets near the Appolo hospital or Mahalakshmi sweets in Vidyaranyapuram. Even Bombay tiffani's mysore pak seemed ok. You can even order it some of the hotels in Mysore. The tast of Mysore pak cant be described in words--sure enough--but you should taste it atleast once when you come to Mysore.

One of my classmates who had come here from far of delhi, liked the sweet so much that he took a load full while going back. Infact he was asking me where to get the best variety of the sweet. May be he will eventually get addicted to it...hehehehe...And those of you who cant visit mysore right now, you could prepare it by using the recipe given in the letzcook blog given above.You can even get a look at the wonderful delicousy on that blog.

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