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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The curse on the mysore Maharajas

A curse is a very horrible thing that can happen to anybody. It is more so when a king is cursed as his entire kingdom suffers. Legend has it or hisotry may have witnessed it-Long ago when the mysore rajas invaded and killed one of the pallegaras, the wife of that chieftain is said to have cursed the kings. The curse has three parts:

  1. Let Thalkad become a desert
  2. The king shall have no children
  3. Let the great river have a whirlpool.

Yes talkad is indeed a desert. Although situated on the banks of a river, sand fills the entire region. Eucalyptus trees grow everywhere.And the second part also seems to be true as the kings adopt a relative as a son.The third part which is rather general can be interrpreted in many ways.

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Dr. Shalini said... has complete video and pictures of talkad panchalinga darshana. Its given in the correct sequential order. Keep it up Mysore Tourism Committee. We enjoy good information being in US through this type of good and regularly websites.
Dr. Shalini