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Monday, November 20, 2006

Mysore election fever

Its time for elections in the Chamundeshwari constituency. The only noticable difference i can think of is the bus deteour. Yes!! due to an election meeting in Hinkal, the bus service was delayed, as they had to take a longer route. It is rather a pathetic situation, that this is the case in most of the democracies that, elctions are becoming more and more pre-decide. I am not saying their is no competition bbetween the candidates, the only thing that is amiss is the zeal for development.

I dont blame any specific political party for this, rather i am of the opinion that we are responsible for our own situation. If not for our stupidity, ignorance and among other things carlessness, it would have been a rather vibrant democracy that india would have had. What i mean is that, rather than developmental issues, we are more intrested in issues of dispute. Correct if i am wrong, but it is but natural for me, a person who has never ever cast his vote to complain about politics.

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