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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

From Mysored to mysoored

The words like "Banglored" now appear in most dictionaries, meaning to say having lost one's job to somebody else in Banglore-a city in India. But have you come across fears of the people of Banglore. Yes these people are talking about being Mysored or chennaied. The fear does not stop there...

I came across a post in which the titl Is "Bored and Mysoored", well not musch differenc in the spelling of Mysoored and mysored, but yes it has a lot of difference if you look at it this way, In this post the person is aldready posted to mysoore. The Feeling of being marooned is pervasive among such people. They seem to have lost the glitter of the big city life. Sentences such as "the internet connection is so slow that..." and "its becoming a pain..." etc show the level of discontent, this can generate. Not that mysore is a village with a single telephone line for the entire city....Actually on the contrary Mysore has one of the best internet connectivities in the country.So much for being Mysoored, I would give a bundle to be mysoored really...honest!!.

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Anonymous said...

its a rather peculiar way to describe stay in mysore