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Friday, November 03, 2006

Its raining helemts

With the helmet rule becoming compulsory, people could be seen buying helmets. Although the majority of the two wheeler riders dont wear the helmet, it is yet to be seen how strictly the authorities will enforce the law. The Mysoreans have been given a relaxation of 15 days, till november 15th. Some of the bigger shopes had sold out all their helmets, and where waiting for stocks to arrive. The points to note about helmets if you want to buy one are
  • It should have ISI mark
  • Beware ISI stickers will not withstand the rains of mysore
  • Only ISI painted on the helmet is a "good" helemet
  • The cost of ISI helmets starts from 500 INR

Lot of vendors can be seen selling helmets on the foot path leading upto the city via Hunsur road and other places. Although these helmets are cheaper, they are pasting stickers of ISI. You can buy helmets in the city at places like scooter house and other shops in the same lane, cutting across the old bank road.

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