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Friday, November 17, 2006

Mysooru Mallige-Mysore Jasmine

The other day i was talking about Brand "Mysore", the jasmine flower known locally as Mallige is also branded, though not officially. Its popularity is to the extent that movies titled mysore Mallige have also been screened.The movie which was made during the early 90's was also a big hit.

The bus service run by KSRTC has named a few of its routes as "Mysooru Mallige" due its popularity. Its still not clear tio me how a particular product is branded as belonging to a particular region though. The sweet fragrance of the flower no doubt should qualify as a criteria to differentiate it from other jasmine flowers!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And we also have Mysore Mallige idlis.

Anonymous said...

a separate post for that at


enjoyed your blog with heart.
i have another blog about cities of india. i shall definitely talk about Mysore there.
thanks for giving me a hint.