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Monday, November 13, 2006

Mysore Ayurvedic College

A ayurvedic hospital which is nearly 100 years old is situated in Mysore. The hospital which was constructed by the maharaja has a college attached to it. The college which started as a gurukula system, later developed into a diploma. The college which was started by Gundulu pandita Lakshmanachari has now become a professional degree course. The course is certified by the government and the doctors are awarded a degree "BAMS"-Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and surgery.

From the past 25 years MD course in Kayachikitsa has been available.Since one year the MD course has also started in Sidanta. The building is situated in the center of the city opposite to the central library. The Hospital and college are situated adjacent to each other. Aprt from this the college also has a separate botanical garden elsewhere.

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