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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mysore Hotagalli sunday market

Near the city of Mysooru formerly mysore, a small village called Hootagalli. In this village, which is now included within the city limits, a new trend has started. A sunday market is being held.Different kinds of vegetables are being sold here. These include cucumbers, raddish, carrot, beans, various types of greens, brinjal, tomatoes, onions, etc.. What is so fascinating about this market is that for the first time so amy farmers who actually grow the vegetables are able to sell it directly to the city folk. Thus, both the buyer and the seller are making a profit. By avoiding the middle men, the farmer makes more profit. Similarly the buyers can buy at a cheaper price.

Does rest of the country have something to learn from this??, may be !! although this trend of sunday markets in the city suburbs is somewhat prevelant in some villages which have become a part of the city it is yet to become a established trend. The practice of sunday markets is very much in vogue in the villages, but let us hope the same spreads to the suburbs as well. Apart from this the city of Mysore has a separate market. This market has now been declared as a heritage site. However, plans to modernise the market has created a public debate. But the results will be known in a few months time. More about the market in a later post.

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