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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mysore search engine FAQ

Mysore Search Engine is an attempt at providing all mysore specific results at one place. The search engine can be put up on your site if you want. Just let me know and i will give you the code to be included in your site.

How does Mysore search work?

It is a search engine specifically custom built for Mysore. For example if you want to search for “Mysore palace” you just need to type “palace” in this search engine and you will be taken to the relevant search results. The search results are highly specific as they are from a highly specific database. You can use Mysore search by visiting

Will this improve connectivity between mysore related sites?

Yes, for example if somebody is visiting a site about mysore palace and wants to know about hotel bookings, he/she will just have to type hotel in the search box and the person will be presented with a list of hotel related sites in mysore.

How to get my site included in this search engine?

You can have your mysore related sites included in this search engine just by letting me know about such sites, by commenting on this page.You dont need to pay any money for inclusion. Its free.

Can i get my personal pages listed in this search engine?

Sure, but you should be in some way connected to mysore. If not atleast your personal site should have some content about mysore.

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